KCON 2019 Part 2

May 22, 2019
This week, I dig into some last minute information and thoughts on KCON 2019 in NY. Tiff was not able to join me this week, so this ended up being a solo podcast. I spent a good deal sharing my thoughts, expecations, and much more. As tickets go on sale on 5/21/19, I hope my thoughts help you make a clear decision. Links To Websites Mentioned: It Started With a K-Drama
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What's a Koreaboo & Romanticizing Cultures

April 04, 2019
As Korean media has been hot-and-heavy with scandals lately, Tiff and I decided it was the perfect time to talk culture, expectations, do's and don'ts. Also, to explain what the heck a Koreaboo actually is. Links To Websites Mentioned: It Started With a K-Drama Liquid Web Availabl...
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KCON 2019

March 18, 2019
Welcome back, friends! Our topic this week is all about KCON 2019. Now, as a disclaimer, Tiff and I have never been to a KCON before, but we are familiar with conventions and concerts. Together, we pulled important information and shared some of our past experiences. Stay tuned for an additional podcast when we receive details on line up, ticket prices, and the packages that will be available for purchase.  Links To Websites Mentioned:
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We're Back!

February 20, 2019
It's been a while! Tiff and I are very sorry for the delay, but we come back swinging. Enjoy over an hour of us talking about dramas we're currently watching. Also, Tiff takes us on our journey through her latest obsession: Chinese bl (boy love) novels.  Links To Websites Mentioned: It Started With a K-Drama Available to Stream:
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New & Upcoming December Korean Dramas

December 03, 2018
After a brief hiatus, Tiff and I get together to record another podcast. It was long overdue and a fun process to chat about k-dramas again. This week, we pick a few of the new and upcoming dramas to talk about. This list is only for dramas that have begun airing or will air in the month of December. Also, stay tuned until the very end of the podcast for a special blooper reel. I forgot to silence my phone and hila...
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