100 Days My Prince: Episodes 5-8

October 09, 2018
After a few weeks of complications, Tiff and I are back and ready to catch up. We're excited by the latest developments in 100 Days My Prince, and we can only hope the story maintains its current momentum. Tune in for a whopping 4 episode recap of episodes 5-8. There is a lot to cover and we, equally, have plenty to gush over and speculate about for this week's round of episodes. Links To Websites Mentioned: 
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100 Days My Prince: Episodes 1 - 4 Review

September 22, 2018
This week, Tiff and I embark on a k-drama that's out of our realm of expertise: sageuks (aka historical) dramas. We talk about the first 4 episodes of 100 Days My Prince. And trust me, we have a lot to say! It might get a bit random and we do drop a few curse words (sorry in advance), but it's all in good fun. Come on aboard and check out all of our thoughts and our burning questions and theories on where the story is heading. Links To Websites Mentioned...
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Crazy Rich Asians

September 08, 2018
Tiff and I saw Crazy Rich Asians in theaters over two weeks ago with another friend of ours. After thoroughly enjoying the movie from start to finish, we knew we just had to podcast about this one.
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K-Drama Q+A Session

August 23, 2018
As we're between things, Tiff and I decided to take a step back. Sometimes it's new to revisit the basics. We want all of you to understand us a little better, so we put together a little k-drama question and answer session that I hope you all enjoy. Links To Websites Mentioned: 
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Secretary Kim Finale and Series Review

August 02, 2018
After sixteen episodes, all good things must unfortunately come to an end. We've reveled over the masterpiece that has been What's Wrong With Secretary Kim from the very first episode. If you're curious to see how everything has wrapped up, this is the place to be. We also discuss some future content for this podcast as well as the blog. And Tiff even shares one of her hilarious k-food fails.  Links To Websites Mentioned: ...
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